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2020-01-03 16:19 陶凯  审核人:

报告题目:Self-Tuning Nonlinear Resonator for Energy Harvesting and Vibration Absorption

报告人:Lihua Tang, Senior Lecturer, Department of Mechanical Engineering, the University of Auckland





Nonlinear resonators have been widely exploited in energy harvesting and vibration absorption applications for broadening the operational bandwidth. However, the broadband performance could only be guaranteed when the high energy orbit of the nonlinear resonator is captured and maintained. Though various approaches have been proposed to trigger the jump between energy orbits, they usually work in an active or semi-active manner. This seminar will introduce some recent work on the design of self-tuning nonlinear resonator with a slider mechanism to help vibration energy harvester and neutralizer to capture the high energy orbit adaptively and passively. The mechanism for orbit capture of such a self-tuning nonlinear resonator is explained, followed by the introduction of an improved version with anti-interference ability. Such a self-tuning nonlinear resonator is then adopted as a neutralizer to enhance vibration absorption capability. Finally, the ongoing collaborative research with NWPU will be briefly overviewed.


Dr. Lihua Tang is currently a senior lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the University of Auckland, New Zealand. He received the BEng degree in engineering mechanics and the MEng degree in solid mechanics from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China, in 2005 and 2008, respectively, and the PhD degree in structures and mechanics from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, in 2012. His research interests include smart materials and structures, energy harvesting, vibration control, acoustic/elastic metamaterials and thermoacoustics. He has authored and co-authored more than 100 technical papers including 73 journal articles. Dr. Tang was the recipient of the prestigious Marsden Fund from the Royal Society of New Zealand (2017) and New Zealand Chinese Scientists Association Young Scientist Award (2018). He is a member of Energy Harvesting Technical Committee of ASME and a member of Adaptive Structures and Material Systems (ASMS) Technical Branch of ASME. He serves on the editorial board of Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures. He is also a member of ASME, SPIE and ENZ.


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